Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Great Responses!

This past Sunday JenCee debuted our Desert Dance routine at Ananka Dance Company's student party. I must say, we got a great response from those who attended. Sadly, the video camera malfunctioned before we were able to perform so we were unable to get our performance taped. So now we are up for round two.

I am also happy to say, that a few friends who came with me to the party got 267 pictures and several of them turned out excellent. So big thank you to both of them for coming and taking pictures when I couldn't or when they felt the need to. It meant a lot to those who have seen them so far and to me.

Coming up this weekend, JenCee will perform our dance for the seniors at the Bethel Home in Selma, CA along with our own group dances with members from Ananka. We only have about 3 more practices to get things worked out before our performance in San Jose, CA for the Desert Dance Festival.

I will be sharing pictures as soon as I edit them a little. Until then, I will keep you all updated as soon as things develop.

For anyone attending the Hanford Renaissance Faire in Hanford, CA, Ananka will be performing both Saturday and Sunday (October 2nd and 3rd). We are performing at 1pm and 3pm both days. So anyone who plans to go or those who wish to see a free show, come down to Hanford =)

Courthouse Square
Hanford, CA

Look forward to seeing people there!

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