Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In The Absence of Updating

Forgive me to those who were watching this blog and have been checking back to see if there were any updates. My life outside of belly dancing had to be taken care of first before I could continue updating everyone on things happening in this part of my life. I have a little time to catch up on a few things for everyone.

The Hanford Renaissance Faire in October went well and we had a nice crowd gathered for all four shows that weekend. There were a few little hiccups here and there, but it was still a great show for all. JenCee made some new friends while we were there. We had the pleasure of meeting, drumming, and dancing with the Ottoman Traders, another belly dancing group that are based on a known group of traveling gypsies and traders through the Persian country back during the 1500s. JenCee feels we may have made a few great friends and look forward to continuing that friendship with that group for possible events together in the future.

The Fresno Fair performance was shortly after the renaissance faire and we had another great turn out for most of our show. We didn't expect everyone to stay for the full hour, but we had a continuous crowd coming in. JenCee was asked to open the hour with our Tunisian Fusion number before we continued on as Ananka members. We had another great performance and had a gentleman ask for autographs from all of our members.

From these events, I am waiting to receive pictures so I may post them. I received a few from the Desert Dance Festival and hope to have them posted here as soon as I am able.

Now that we have ended 2010 and beginning 2011, Ananka is making preparations for the Rogue Show that will be taking place in March. We are learning a few group numbers that I absolutely love and have begun learning the basics of another dance that will be a great closer to the show. I wish I could give out details as we get them, but we would like our show this year to be a nice surprise for a lot of people. Therefor, I can only give out a little bit of information as far as progress is concerned. The Rogue Show will be on the weekends of March 3rd and 4th as well as the 11th and 12th. Rogue Fresno's website has all the information for our show along with other performances that will be taking place.


JenCee will be trying to get our group going this upcoming year with a new dance to be presented at a festival in June. We have tossed ideas back and fourth as to what we want to do next and have yet to settle on something. We are planning to have a general idea of choreography, music and costuming soon. So far some good ideas have been placed out on the table and plans are being made to possibly start attending renaissance faires later on in the new year if time allows.

On a personal and a more individual goal, I am creating my own costume for an idea I have for a solo piece. I am hoping to have something ready to go in September when Ananka will be hosting it's student party for old and new students. I have selected 3 music pieces that I am still deciding on which will work better for the solo I have in mind. Until then, I will continue working on the costuming I wish to have completed as soon as I can.

I apologize again for not keeping everyone updated on things over the last several months. Please be patient with me as other aspects of my life have taken priority over updating this blog. I will continue to try and post when I can.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Hanford Renaissance Faire October 2010

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