Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little Hiccup

So we had a little hiccup with registration. This is the first year that the Desert Dance Festival was taking registrations online and some of their instructions are not quite clear. But it is forgivable since they were expecting a lot of confusion over the forms and they were willing to work with everyone to make sure all information was correct and every performers name was on their ticket for this event. So now we are set up without a doubt for the festival in September. We will know by the end of July our time of performance. This works out wonderfully for anyone who is wanting to schedule a day or two free to come see some great dancing. For those who may, or will, be missing out....those in charge of the festival are allowing the performers to send in an order for the DVD of the festival performances. So I will be doing that in case anyone would like to see some of what they had missed. Unfortunately, this applies to those who live locally until I find a way to capture video. I currently do not have the equipment/hardware for this just yet. But I hope to soon so I may start sharing some performance via YouTube or another media sharing site. I will have to wait and see though before I do this.

In other news, I had my last dance class yesterday. So now it's time for a month off from classes. In the meantime, I will be continuing to work on my choreography for my solo piece I would like to attempt at the Student Party in September. I am about half way done with it. So far it is looking good, I just need to finish it up and tweak it a little so that it will flow nicely. Once I get the routine down, then I will be adding the balance of the tray. I should mention that this tray is not light. It has a decent weight to it and it is ideal for for balancing...especially when it comes time to start adding more on top of it instead of empty space. That's right. I said add more. Balancing a tray consists of your base tray that can have layered tiers for goblets, saucers, cups, glasses, candles, tea pots, etc., to make the dance more intriguing.....and difficult. But I will not venture into that level of difficulty until I get the basics down first.

I also had a short little meeting with Jen and T.C. before heading home last night. We have agreed to begin practice next week on Tuesdays and Fridays while using the weekends when possible to work on other items regarding our routine. My dance instructor was made aware that I would be joining Jen and T.C. for the Desert Festival. I was waiting for some type of warning regarding my involvement and how it may be too soon to get into festivals, but nothing came. So I will take that as a green light for me to take on the next level and be part of the festival.

I am very happy to get a burned CD last night of several pictures that were taken for the various performances we have done this year. Pictures were from the Rogue Show, Mardi Gras, Vintage Days and the Cat House fundraiser. I know it doesn't contain all the pictures that were taken, but I am happy with having a CD full of what could be put on it. As soon as I am able to, I will be posting a few here. For anyone who may be reading this and is a friend of mine on Facebook, I have already posted pictures from Mardi Gras and the Cat House events. I will be attempting to post some later today once I am free from work, although I may wait until sometime this weekend since I have a few other things that demand my attention this week. Either way, my next post will contain a few pictures from each event, so stay on the look out for that one.

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