Sunday, June 27, 2010

Registration Completed!

Just got an email this morning regarding the Desert Dance Festival in Santa Clara, CA. That's right, I said Santa Clara, I had made a mistake in location in the previous entry. This year marks it's 25th anniversary! One of the girls got our registration completed this morning and sent an email to be sure all the appropriate information was given

This event has a lot of fun stuff going on:


10:00 am to 10:30 pm ~ Shopping
11:00 am ~ Dancing
9:00 pm to 10:30 pm ~ Extravaganza Show - “REFLECTIONS" - Saturday Only


10:00 am to 8:30 pm ~ Shopping
11:00 am ~ Dancing
3:00 pm ~ Special Community Achievement Awards with Cake and Champagne

For those who may be interested in checking out the events, I have posted the website below for your viewing. There will be workshops, shopping and several performances going on throughout the day ranging from the traditional Arabic and Egyptian belly dancing to fusion dance that incorporates modern ideas to traditional dancing. Our group, JenCee, will be performing on Saturday, September 25th. As soon as I have a time of when we will be performing, I will be sure to post it.

Desert Dance Festival:

Our group will be performing a fusion of the traditional Tunisian jug dance to modern music. For those who have not seen what a Tunisian jug dance is, I found a group performance of one to traditional music:

This Tuesday I will be meeting up with Jen and T.C. to discuss meeting times since we will be meeting twice a week to get prepared for this performance. There is a lot of planning and practice to do, especially in creating our costumes. I am excited though despite the work I will be involved with. From now until August I will be dancing twice a week, instead of once a week, and from August to September I will be dancing 3 times a week! Yeah, exercise time for me during the hottest months here lol. Going to take advantage of it though since this is a learning experience for me that I am excited about.

Picture of the talented ladies T.C. (left) and Jen (right) that I will have the pleasure of dancing with in a trio =D

With that, I am off to continue working on my costume that I will be wearing for another performance in October, the Hanford Renaissance Fair in Hanford, CA. As this event draws near, I will start posting times and dates for those who wish to attend. So off to "work" I go.

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