Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I will be posting anything related to bellydancing on this blog. From pictures taken of the troupe to events to websites to sharing what may be going on with my life in this subject. I have only been dancing for 11 months now. My first class was on my birthday last year as a gift my mother gave me since I had been showing interest in wanting to learn this type of dance for a while. So I get to share the anniversary of my learning on the same day as my birthday, which I think is cool. I have learned so much over this last year.

After only 3-4 months of classes, my instructor felt that I had the drive and determination to learn more. Thus, I was placed on crash course mode in January of this year to not only learn moves that I wouldn't be learning until my 2nd year, but to also be placed on stage for group dances. In a year's time, I have gone from exceeding my instructor's expectations in my learning ability to taking the stage for this year's Rogue Show in the Tower District of Fresno, CA, Vintage Days at Fresno State University, and a fundraiser for the Cat House in Parlier, CA. I have learned so much that, despite hitting walls, I am having a lot of fun with the fast past learning I am on. I do admit though that my technique is somewhat lacking since I am currently dancing with people in my class who have been doing this 3-4 years now. I have the skill that matches where they are at, not the technique. But that will change in time, especially since I have so many people to observe and learn from. Besides, I have some tools at home that will help a little in practicing fluid movements and other techniques that I am lacking in because of the fast past learning I have been doing the last 5-6 months.

I do not regret this time because I have had the chance to partake in something sooner than most. Whether it was a smart decision or not, I can't say. But I have impressed many so far with how far I have come in just a year's time that I think it was the best thing for me to really get into what I was doing. Currently, I am working on a solo piece for a student party. Now for anyone who has been dancing for a while, I do not plan on doing this solo for public performances yet. I would prefer to get another few years under my belt before I attempt to do anything of the sort. But for a student party, I feel that I can atleast partake in some fun such as this since there are no restrictions on what I can and cannot do. This party is about inspiring others and expressing one's self, despite not having the experience to do specific performances or dances. What we do at this party is to have fun and show what we have learned so far at our own skill level.

I hope to continue updating this blog and share what I can as I learn more. I do not plan on posting any dance routines on here, but later on when I know what I am doing, I may give some pointers or helpful hints. Until then, I will just share what I wish and hope that people enjoy reading what I post. If not, atleast it is something I am doing for myself and not for the entertainment for others. I got into bellydancing for me and only me. I have learned to be a little more comfortable with myself because I am not someone who is in shape. I am a plus size woman, but that is slowly changing as I learn more and do more in this style of dance.

So for anyone who will be sticking around, thank you for your continued reading. For those that this does not interest, thank you for taking the time to read and I hope that you find something more suitable towards your tastes.

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