Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Costume Ideas Forming

Today Jen, T.C., and myself spent 5 hours shopping fabrics, sketching costume ideas, and talked about how the next 2 weeks will go since we have about 14 more weeks before the Desert Dance Festival. We were able to find all our materials at Home Fabrics and Joann's for our robes, head pieces and belts. Jen will be working on a portion of our costuming that will help us kick start where to go next with measurements and the like since we are a little uncertain right now how to plan the sash we are to wear in relation to the measurements of the robe. But we will know how to go about that by Friday when we next meet. I also found some things for my Earth Intruders costume. Found a really nice animal print fabric that I will have to go back for when I get paid this week. Got some pictures of it, so my planning on how to make that costume will take place this week so I can have that ready asap.

I have my staff about half done as well. I still need to add some beads to one side and get the feathers needed to add that primal look. Amazing what a dowel, leather shoe laces, twine, beads and feathers will do to make something look like a good prop piece. Once my staff is done, I will need to shift my focus to the jug as far as props go. Apparently the balloons we were using as a guide popped some time last night from what Jen said. I guess the heat did a number on em over the weekend. So it just means that we will have to start from scratch on the body of the jug. But that is okay, I had a feeling we were going to need to do that anyways since our first attempts were not going over so well.

And I am really catching on to the choreography for Earth Intruders too. After only 2 practices, I have begun to get down the steps of just over half the dance so far. I still need some reminders here and there of what comes next, but that isn't bad considering that some people take a little longer picking up the choreography. So I was surprised to hear that I was picking up things quick from T.C. and Jen earlier this evening. Of course there are some moves I do need a lot of practice on since they are brand new to me. A lot of hip drops, quick hand changes, a "round-robin" move that requires me to NOT look at the others dancing....there is just a lot. But I am confident I will have it all down before the festival. And if my instructor is seriously considering having us perform this for the Student Party, then we will be performing everything before the festival.

I guess we will have to see how things go between now and then. I haven't really had the chance to continue working on my solo piece for the party. I guess we are going for a Femme Fatale theme. So now I am second guessing myself on the music I have chosen since I kinda want everything to be with the theme. But I don't want to bail on the solo piece I have so far since it is half finished. Guess I will have to try and finish up what I have and try doing another if I have time. At least that will allow me to test them both and pick one over the other. That way I can do which ever one I didn't choose at a later date.

Too many decisions.

In regards to the rest of my troupe, I am sad to say I haven't heard from them since we went on our break. There was talk of practicing, but I have not heard any word on people getting together. So getting some practice time in on my own for the stuff we already have will be placed on my list before we start meeting again in August to resume classes. Seems like the list is growing longer on things needing to be taken care of.

For now, I will need to let my mind rest and absorb everything that has gone on today with what needs to be done.

And now for another treat. A large group of belly dancers dancing with swords. Great floor work was done in this performance =)

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