Saturday, July 31, 2010

Things Are Progressing

Hard to imagine that our one month break is over! Classes are starting again this upcoming week and we will be practicing with the drummers as of our second class. From here on out, all our classes will be focused on the upcoming performances for the Hanford Renaissance Faire and the Fresno Fair. There may be some time put aside to work on stuff for the Student Party, but that is a little unlikely since we have the last 2 major performances to do before the year is up and we start working on the Rogue Show for 2011 (that will take place in March).

I am also pleased to announce that my Hanford costume is 85% finished! Still working on sewing beads. I can guarantee that project will not be done by the time Hanford comes around in 8 weeks. But I will have a good majority of it done by then and it will still look good. Jen got my gwazee coat done as well as the harem pants. Just need to add a hook in one place so that I can attach the third piece I am working on to the coat. This is to ensure a proper fit/look for what Jen and I had discussed about 3 months ago.


That's right, panic mode. I say this because as of yesterday, JenCee has only 6 weeks left to get our costuming done, choreography down, techniques perfected and any other touch ups that have to be taken care of on everything for the Desert Dance Festival. Our Tunisian Robes are in the final stages of completion. We are just trying to figure out how to make our belts and sashes work/flow with all the twisting we have for our dance. Apparently tassels are stubborn little things that don't want to hang the way they are suppose to. So we have knocked out the headpieces, the robes have a few little things left to finish (trim), the sash pieces need to be put together, and then we are done with those.

The next set of costumes to finish up for the festival.....our Earth Intruders costuming. Jen has hers completed already and TC is just finishing up some little details on a 2 panel over-skirt. Me? Well....I have gotten as far as picking up the animal print material and picking the design I want. Luckily, I only have to worry about making two pieces. The top, which will be a tie top, and a 2 panel over-skirt. Mine will be similar to TC's, although I am going to do a variation on the top and not have some elements that TC has going on for her costume. All three of us will be different, but have similar pieces so that we do tie into the whole primal feel of the last piece of choreography for the festival. TC is also being kind enough to knit our belts out of some awesome colors we found for yarn.

I will admit though, we will be uncomfortable and hot on stage because we will be wearing two costumes, one under the other. So we are pulling a "change onstage" that will be worked into our performance. We have it mostly figured out, but it's all about practicing it out once the costuming is done.

The three of us will be looking for a stage soon that we can do some dress rehearsals. We already know of a few places locally, but we may end up heading to Visalia or even Hanford since Jen knows of a few places in her neck of the woods. We will also be doing a premier of our dance at the Student Party. Our instructor Ely wants to see what we have so far, but we feel that we want to show what we have been able to produce out out of 2 months worth of work and not what we partially have from only one month's worth. Plus, we think we will get a better appreciation and reaction out of those who attend our Student Party =) It's all about the mystery and surprise! =D

Wonderful Bellydance Solo by a child named Leila

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