Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Progress in Meeting 1

Yesterday's meeting with Jen and T.C. went well. Met for 3 1/2 hours to discuss the routine Earth Intruders that will need to learn since Jen and T.C. already know it. Also heard the music selections for the Tunisian part of our show and discussed some moves we would like to use. My homework is to bring some more suggestions on Friday along with having my own supplies to make a staff for Earth Intruders.

You may be wondering what Earth Intruders is. I don't have video available right now from a performance my dance troupe did at Fresno State this year, but I have a music video of Bjork. If anyone knows her music and is wondering why Earth Intruders sounds familiar, well it is because it is her song we are dancing to.

There are 2 other songs we are dancing to before we do her Earth Intruders number as our closer. So it makes it a 7:14 performance. I may be taking off to Visalia this weekend to work on my staff once I have all my supplies. Although I may end up pushing that back to next weekend depending on some factors I am still weighing. Even though the practice was a little productive, I couldn't do much. Killed my leg muscles doing some work the last few days that left me almost immovable. But I survived.....I just can't do much right now. I have until Friday to get myself healed up so I can do another possible 3 hour meeting.

I am also happy to say that Jen got me a music CD of not just what we are doing for the festival, but also music of stuff we have done so far (along with some extra music of stuff I haven't learned yet). By the way, the music video posted above has some influence on our costuming. Very primitive costuming is to be worn, so we have a lot of planning to do to get the robes made right for removal later on in the show, not to mention planning on how to get our jugs, staves, robes and scarves off stage since we will also be doing a little of scarf work during music transition.

A lot of planning has to be done! Yeesh!

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