Saturday, July 10, 2010

Success and Failure

Went to Visalia today to meet up with Jen and get started on a few craft projects for our props. Did some shopping, got supplies.

Project #1
Creating a jug

Status: FAIL

Lol, despite the frustration, it was kind of funny in trying to get this done. We did well in making the foot portion of the jug so that it would be customized for our heads. But that was the only part that went right. In trying to make the body, nothing was sticking and we spent 3 hours trying to figure out what can be done to get this to work. So, Jen and I have decided to take a break for about 2 weeks, do research, and come back with a new plan to tackle getting the jugs done.

Project #2
Creating a staff


Got a dowel that needed the metal ending removed and sanded down. I was able to get as far as wrapping my staff at two ends for my hands and get the threading started for my beads, bells and feathers that will be added on over the next week. Need to hit Tandy's Leather for the feathers since the ones I found at a few places are little and pathetic. I should also mentioned that I don't want feathers from the elusive dyed birds. I prefer the speckled bird feathers since those go well with the primal theme. Since I know Tandy's has them, I will be hitting that store on Tuesday without worrying about work.

My weekend projects will be to get the staff mostly completed until I can get the remaining supplies, continue working on costuming, and run through some of the choreography. My brain just about imploded last night at T.C.'s while working on the staff movements and the choreography that accompanied those moves. I have until Tuesday to get most of it down before we move on to another section.

There are already ideas being presented for the Rogue Show for next year. I will not be discussing those though since we have a issue with our surprised being leaked. From what I have heard though on what my instructor has in mind, it sounds like it is going to be another fun Rogue. For now, we are putting most of our focus on our Student Party in September, the Hanford Renaissance Faire and the Fresno Fair. Once those are over with in November, then the work for the Rogue will take place.

I'm now off to relax, nap and enjoy the rest of my evening. It's been a fun, frustrating day and the heat was not welcome. But there are plans in the making of doing some water aerobics with Jen and T.C. some time in the next week or two. The "aerobics" will be us working on moves without gravity being a problem XD

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